Our Team

Key Persons
  • Md Inamul Islam

    Md Inamul Islam

    Chief Executive Officer

    From the very early days of my career, I was always intended to make something super big that makes a worldwide recognition. When I took the responsibility as the Chief Executive Officer, of NShore, I felt like I’ve got that chance.
    I am very lucky that I am working for a company that offers me to make my dream come true. So I work to establish NShore as the Worlds’ Biggest Offshore Hub for all types of Graphical works and Website Development.
    As the top most role player of NShore, I am confidently offering NShore as your Next Offshore Hub.
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  • Farhana Khan

    Farhana Khan

    Director of Marketing

    Marketing nowadays is not anymore a systematic activity. It becomes the most critical combination of Creativity and core Strategy. When it comes onto International level, it puts more responsibilities to dig out the core demand of people around the world.
    As the Director of Marketing of NShore, I always try to reach every clients mind to understand what to offer.
    I am happy to say that I designed the entire Marketing plan and activities according to the worlds’ demand hunger. I believe, that will help NShore to be the Worlds’ Biggest Offshore Hub for all types of Graphical works and Website Development.
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Design Team
NShore Design team represents three words in short; 1. Creative; 2. Skilled; and 3. Fast.
NShore has the most talented design crew who are Committed in Accuracy and Proven in Experience. You can rely on them with your work order and expect the best possible outcome in Graphic Design. This extraordinary team is the power source of NShore that is committed to give you the best Offshore Business Association Experience.
Web Development Team
NShore Web Development Team is super Dynamic and Advanced in Web Programming Languages.
They love to Play with Codes and Innovate exciting Visual Experiences. All in all, they are super modern in thinking.
Marketing Team
NShores’ marketing team has probably the most amazing marketer. The way they think, the way they create new ideas, they way the foresight future is simply groundbreaking !
They are Expert in core marketing strategies and in digital marketing techniques as well. They are in a Mission to Branding NShore as the Worlds’ Biggest Offshore Hub.
Support Team
Smiling and Soft-Spoken and Honest; these three words cover our Support team.
Our Support Team members are dedicated for 24/7 client support. They are working to improve the client satisfaction level day by day. They will make you feel like they are assisting you from next door, even though they are thousands miles away.